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Thread: Looking for help for a album cover.

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    Looking for help for a album cover.

    Any takers?

    Thanks to this website ,it has rekindled a fire i thought was lost for ever..
    2 new songs already scripted and recording a soon as I update my Pro-tools and my 15year old condenser mic.

    Looking for promo art, one banner size one album cover size

    Stage name is ‘Abz’

    Album name is the ‘final stage’ (album 20 years in the making lol it was a tuff final boss)

    Was think a retro video game vibe with a depleted health bar at the final boss open for opinion or ideas

    Let me know the price yada yada if your down

    Thank you
    Your favorite rappers father figure

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    Re: Looking for help for a album cover.

    I may give this a go if you don't like what AI art is giving you and you're still looking @Midwest

    Would need the dimensions for the banner you want tho, the album cover I can find.
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