safe place

the world ain't safe no more
(ain't safe no more)
the world ain't safe no more
(ain't like before)
the world ain't safe no more
(ain't safe no more)
the world ain't safe no more
(can't find the cure)

everyone rule these parts, under the cuckoo clock
maybe we're the virus that's fighting earth's immune response
the futures lost, but only time will tell,
only time will tell, who you got when you're by yourself..
some brought up in a battered home, or taught to be tactical
half of those want a new reign, storming the capitol.
but I have to know, how babylon will be back to norm
run down the halls, skulls in the walls of these catacombs..


wrathful wrongs, acts adorned, fractal forms
the ballance crashes when the grasp on facts is torn..
it's merely a run around, the fault of our losses
a series of ups and downs, like stocks on the market
topping my topics, like being taught in the tropics
torching them toxins to torment a target that's often abnoxious.
I'm obviously polished, the newest coin in your pocket
the soil will tarnish, but it's from part of the garden..
stopping bad decisions or thoughts you had envisioned
the rise and fall of fighting off our constant cataclysms
imagined wishes to match numbers invested
or vast wonders invented by black government spending
masked up for protection, bad blood in suspension
return safe from a workplace where you never had much an incentive..
wrapped up in an image, such a sad, sufferable system
help them on that path you wish you had once it diminished...