Word... a demigod, of the Omega kind.
Fellow worshippers made a shrine... all that other weak shit
they're talking about, will fade, with time.
Means I'm working against the clock... lead foot,
put their foot in their mouth, as soon as this pencil, jots.
Should battle a crown attorney, with all these defensive thoughts.
Comprehensive, watch them try to jump over all of these mental blocks..
Life's like a game a Tetris.
No matter how terrible it could be, you still have to play against this.
Gotta give thanks to the forerunners who paved an entrance.
Attributing to the fire when I display a sentence, in a way to persuade my creative presence.
And, rightfully so.
Incandescent in nature, giving light to the whole.
Those in the basket will likely fold.
The power of a man, with nothing to lose, is a sight to behold.
It's the difference between being happy with silver, and being crushed you didn't fight for the gold.
It's only right that I know I can keep this going
like a patrol. I'll be the American Sniper, until this cypher gets old!
They're getting cold feet.
If you can't put words in your own mouth, then it's probably best that you don't speak.
Given soul to those of you that are so weak.
That yo' Jeep Wrangler is coming close to a slow creep...
Engine light. Engine light. Get Service, soon.
I don't care what you nerds presume.
Early Birdy, dude getting in it, since 32.
The beast that I turned into is a testimony of these words that I'm serving you.
And it never gets old. Trust me... it must be..
the fact... I could never be rusty - I guess I'm lucky, perhaps.
I've been dropping nothing, but raps.
Making it more uncomfortable then having a beard, you're putting up, in a mask.
But, better that than the day you get COVID, and you fucking collapse.
And the pain and suffering that's associated with your family
knowing you were to stubborn, and that's why you're now one of the stats.