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Thread: Picture This...(March '15)

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    Picture This...(March '15)

    8-32 lines. I'll pick the best one and the winner will get their choice of prizes.

    1. A poetry collab with yours truly
    2. Their next poem stickied
    3. A 1 month exception to the 2 link rule (5 poem limit)

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    Re: Picture This...(March '15)

    if nothing is forever,
    then this winter will see the death of me
    from the other side
    of time.
    i stared so deep
    into the ivory
    that my eyes yawned the length
    of massachusetts.
    the inhale of each pupil
    has consumed every last stitch
    of contrast.
    the blocks are lined with midnight
    that from the sky
    read like piano keys
    waging war with the fifth symphony
    in C minor
    before the earth fades

    to white.

    po'ethics /

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    Re: Picture This...(March '15)

    Words don’t come as easy now,
    my tongue a little slow- yours sharp
    visceral thrusts- each word without pause
    every look a disappointed gaze.
    You speak for the both of us
    drive the point, park it
    -get a fine for crossing over lines,
    blissfully unaware of the corrosion
    the rust- weakening links
    and a barrel fit to burst – is it anger,
    or a slip to nonchalance?

    My darling she…
    you probably have an idea having read so much,
    isn’t the warmest. She doesn’t bid me farewell
    nor welcome me back, no smile
    no oven baked bread wafting sweet nothings;
    she doesn’t care for that.

    I long for the folly’s of youth,
    when she would smile
    when her ashen existence had radiated.
    However, I still walk over
    I visit her each morning.
    sun , rain sleet or snow- I’ll be there.
    No flowers though- she doesn’t care for that…

    Maybe you’ll join me on a walk
    in a different place,
    where it’ll be like it used to darling.

    Kiss me through the camera lens.

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