1. Two links: For every one poem you post in Poet's Corner you are required to leave a reply on two others. Each reply must consist of acceptable feedback, which we've provided examples of below, or your thread will be closed. Upon completion of this requirement, please then post/edit the links to your replies in(to) your original thread to prevent any confusion or mis-communication between yourself and staff. Also I should further clarify that each new poem needs a set of new replies. That is, no reply can be used more than once as part of your feedback requirements. Be aware that myself and other mods do check links.

*All closed poem, regardless of the reason, will be moved to the "closed poem" sub-forum near the top of the page. If your poem was closed due to not meeting the link requirement and you have now done so, please PM myself of any of the other mods your links and it will be promptly moved back and re-opened*

2. No free-posting:
Please be respectful of other writers and their work. Any and all unrelated bullshitting, free-posting, spamming, etc., is unacceptable and will be deleted at the discretion of the staff and/or the author.

3. Constructive feed:
Constructive feedback is by no means a requirement, but as many people post their work here seeking to elevate and improve their writing skills, it is certainly encouraged. Constructive feedback consists of pointing out both the good and bad points of a piece. This also, typically, entails offering suggestions on what can be added, omitted, or improved upon.

4. Hall of fame nominations:
Although poetry is, for most, not about the accolades, it goes without saying that everybody likes a little recognition from time to time. Thus, if you come across something you think stands out above the rest, don't hesitate to nominate it for our monthly hall of fame. Please note, though, that nominations are not to be treated as a popularity contest or used loosely for every piece that you "like". In making nominations consider what constitutes a hall of fame piece, as only the best will be inducted.