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    Picture Perfect 14

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    Re: Picture Perfect 14

    jump with me -
    let's fly away
    through the smog & poisons
    the past has tried to breathe us..
    free of change -
    let's stay the same
    upside down-frowns still on our face
    & turn the world around..
    let's use our head -
    to butt our way through
    into a new world of imagination..
    let us be..

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    Re: Picture Perfect 14

    Serenity sweet;
    Eloping without guidance,
    Dance with me brother.

    Don't change faith let's leap,
    Gather charcoal tar cravings
    For mother to love.

    No skipped stone rocks here,
    Reflections nonexistent;
    Charred dreams in our veins.

    Spill the ink dry;
    Cloud tears creep away shadows;
    One with the earth.

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    Re: Picture Perfect 14

    Grab hold my hand,
    Will you trust me?
    Will you let me lead you,
    to an unknown haven?
    we much venture this jungle.
    Break loose
    from the tyranny of asphalt and rubble.
    But only if you grab hold,
    and trust my strength.

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    Re: Picture Perfect 14

    Many promises,
    forgotten like lastnight's dream.
    My hero's at war.

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    Re: Picture Perfect 14

    I'm pressed against something.
    I'm free.
    In this moment I am eternal,
    Youthful, floating.

    Like a spoon full of sugar and I'll never come down ma.
    I'd rather stay high wander lonely as a cloud
    I ain't never coming down.

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    Re: Picture Perfect 14

    I think we are on top of things.

    I think we are on top of things-

    You, me, fancy colored clothes, funny faith

    in things brains banished and calenders covered

    but we cling because they work for

    us. Make-believe art, like stars spread in mid-air with the wand

    my cholerism carves for us.

    I think I’m a leader

    of an empire in an/in none (hear what you believe more) existent

    world, that make C.S’s children-books children books.

    I’ve led you into lies,

    painted your skies

    concrete black. We look like clouds running across it;

    (I?) Confused you, made you [feel]

    beautiful because I am ever stuck here,

    lying on your flaws

    Love me because

    I love you. Nothing of me, save

    for my juvenile worldview that makes you.. feel forever

    young, will make us.

    an item in Cupid’s kill-list. Nothing but you.

    because you are on top of things.

    You are the leader here

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    Re: Picture Perfect 14

    Congratulations to Jamhuri he is this month's winner of Rhetorical Insights' Most Insightful!

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